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Not everyone responds to medications

BioCorteX will change this by leveraging the relationship between bacteria and medications

We are developing CarbonMirror™, a first-principle computer simulation to understand drug-bacteria interactions and improve a person's response to treatments.

To date, drug development largely ignores drug-bacteria interactions resulting in trials needlessly failing and a seemingly random response in people living with diseases.

sing CarbonMirror™ , BioCorteX will develop novel therapeutics so that people living with diseases worldwide have confidence in the outcome .

BioCorteX is a 'techbio' that applies deep technology to deliver effective therapeutics by leveraging the synergy between health and bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 


We exist because current drug development fails individuals by ignoring the (un)desirable drug-microbiome interactions.


Our key product, CarbonMirror™ uses deep tech to simulate how the colossal number of microbiota interact with therapeutics, de-risking (pre-)clinical trials and replacing uncertainty with confidence for the patient. 

CarbonMirror™ technology can be applied to medication, cosmetics, personal care, manufacturing, and agriculture.

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